Kill Pop Music

„Rock Band, Red Queen has released a new head banger titled ”Kill Pop Music’. It’s the classic Rock and Roll we love! …

… The lyrics are great! and the vocals are awesome, love the video, it’s nice to see the actual song being played, they are exciting to watch! The drums are phenomenal as are the guitars. I really enjoyed it. I would defiantly love to hear this on the radio.“ – Reignland Magazine

„In cuisine, there’s that sense of a chef dealing you meals that distinct vibes of texture and balance in spectrums in taste. Red Queen dips right into that realm of layers, offering 80’s and 90’s rock n’ roll, both high hair and low – all the while keeping the pop-rock goodness that fills up decades of nostalgia. Technically and in construction, ‘Kill Pop Music’, in contrast to the title, revives pop music in the way it was in MTV’s early golden days. Fun and accurate, Red Queen gives that Twisted Sister and Motley Crue kind of angst that alters your current sensibilities. Said the Switzerland based band: “With our new album ‘Rock n’ Roll Heart’ (January 18th), we want to give Rock n’ Roll – and hand-made live music – a new impulse, one that faces up to whiny pop songs and DJ culture and spreads positive vibes.” The quintet made up of Lukas Guidali, Roman Zinsli, Marco Senti, Röbi Manetsch, and Ralf Colocci, they want to put their own unique stamp into what a night of fun could be.“ –

„These days it seems harder and harder to find awesome kickass rock tunes out there. In a time where autotune is any artists’ and producers’ best friend, where its all about who-knows-who and what pop content is fed to the industry, it’s really refreshing to find a driving, honest and energetic tune that has a great message transmitted along. Backed by a classic rock concept and the usual suspects regarding instruments, “Kill Pop Music” feels lightweight yet energetic and back-to-the-rootsy. The music video along the track contains all the necessary ingredients to make the sound believable and entertaining. (Plus, for me as a musician it’s important to point out that the aspect of singing or playing an instrument is highlighted through several detailed cutscenes in there.) The swiss group Red Queen performs honest and with no strings attached. It’s exactly this way of transmitting the energy that I expect in a group performing live on stage, and this is what the guys manage to deliver even through the video.“ – kms reviews